Subotica, Serbia

sobota, 19 lipca 2014

Terroristic atacks on Gaza

If hell exists the way Muslims claim, as a non-believer I would go there. Well, if I will, than one thing makes my little bit happier about it: I am not the only one. There would be a bunch of rich terrorist also know as Government of Israel(I mean of course those directly responsible for the Gaza massacres, together with those who silently approve their acts of brutality). I will have whole eternity to spit onto their faces...

piątek, 23 sierpnia 2013

Do you guys remeber this song:

I am sure that at least some of you do. Well this song is totally senseless if you try to analyze meaning of the words, but there is the special code which everyone understand. Well now it can have a new inspirational context. I read an article about wonderful USA Government again.( ) This article contains the words for which use you are going to be spied by the security services.
You can find ridiculous word there like f.e. "smart". Imagine the situation:
- Hey honey I am so proud of you, again A+ on the math test, you are so... smart!
 3 seconds later...
-Open up!! You are surrounded!!  This is FBI!- "gently" knocking on the door.

According to what I have read I got an Idea: Be creative!. Write songs, poems,articles, make t-shirts, with these words. Show them that you know! If you do not want to publish them, just: